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THEN SATAN ENTERED INTO......By Pastor Delroy Baker

Posted by Pastor Delroy on October 11, 2013 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (101)

Life is a mystery. Around us are so many more mysteries, things we do not presently understand, things we’ll never know in our lifetime and even in the future. When I was a child I remembered an old adage used by men and women who when caught in the act of doing something wrong and when asked, what possessed you to do such a thing as been known to say “The devil made me do it” It is easy to write this off in many cases as a copout however as I grew older I remember the term becoming more loosely used. One example was by the world renowned TV comic Flip Wilson in the 70’s popular The Flip Wilson Show, when he introduced this phrase in most of his comedy sketches. Along with his unforgettable greeting to all his guests with the "Flip Wilson Handshake,” four hand slaps, two elbow bumps finishing with two hip-bumps. Wilson's popular characters included the memorable Reverend Leroy, pastor of the 'Church of What’s Happening Now', and his most popular character, Geraldine Jones, always referring to boyfriend 'Killer' and whose line “The devil made me do it” became a national expression. In a strange way the sting of evil became nothing more than the brunt of a joke. Today in our civilized culture the devil has been designated as a cartoon image or being diminished to a teenage television series, it has become in the 21st century to be nothing more than a cosmic comic ritual; nothing but a myth that has been carried over from some long ago medieval practice and is no longer to be viewed relevant in today’s intellectual civilization as a serious societal discussion concerning this real spiritual adversary that do affect our daily lives as adults as well as teenagers down to little children. Sadly enough I have met Christians, true believers who I will not doubt their earnestly in believing in the apostolic doctrine or in the words of Jesus that profess the reality of evil and to hear them say they do not believe in the reality of what has been declared as a personal devil is nothing less than astonishing; To dismiss the notion of Satan being a real spiritual force that has been affecting and infecting the human condition ever since the beginning of time is nothing short of naiveté. Satan is consistently represented in the New Testament as the enemy both of God and man. Before the arrival of Jesus Christ in 4AD we as mankind had little understanding of the mystery behind the force that caused man’s wickedness; the actions of men and women through-out the history of our world at one time was just viewed as just natural behavior in their way of living. In the oldest book of the Bible the book of Job was the first time we read of an individual being known as Satan. Until the revelation of the Torah through Moses, was the action of this personal being linked with the fall of mankind as described in the book of Genesis. The story behind Job should be considered a message from God to man to let us be aware of our vileness and the corrupted state of our being, that none of us is righteous, no matter what we think our theology is, that none of us is

more righteous than God and we must not justify ourselves with our acts of self centeredness but justify God for He alone is worthy. This was the first time we discovered this heavenly super being Satan to be labeled as an accuser, an enemy of man and as it was then he is now still very active in misleading and cursing humanity because of his intense hatred and opposition to God. Matthew 13:39 points to this distinct direction, that Satan’s jealousy and hatred of men has led him into antagonism to God and, consequently, to all goodness. The fundamental moral description of Satan given by our Lord when He describes Satan is the "evil one"; when we compare the Old Testament prophet Isaiah’s description of YHWH as the "Holy One with that of Satan we discover that Satan is the one whose nature and will were given to evil which is opposite to that of a Righteous God.. Moral evil is Satan’s controlling attribute and it is evident that this description in Isaiah 14: 12-20 applies to Satan as God’s adversary. Ethically evil cannot be consecrated and what we have learnt from the revealed divine truth of God’s word is that within his creation He gave to each of His created beings whether angels in Heaven or men and women on Earth “free will” for itself. We are not told in definite terms how Satan became the evil one, but certainly it could be by no other process than a major fall, whereby, in the mystery of free personality, evil took place.

Then Satan entered into the Garden of Eden, and infected sin in God’s creation. Genesis 3:1-5 Another old testament prophet name Ezekiel tells us that Satan, before his fall, was an angel of the highest rank and prominence, even the “worship leader” in heaven and as you read previously in Isaiah 14 it then tells us that Satan’s fall had to do with his desire to be equal to or greater than God, that is to set his will against God’s will. There is a popular rock and roll song called “Sympathy for the Devil” performed by the world famous Mick Jagger and theRolling Stones. This secular song glorifies the devil as it tells of his long journey through history with mankind, it tells how Satan has brought down many men, how he has stolen many men’s soul and faith. One sentence of the lyrics goes “I was around when Jesus Christ had His doubt and pain, made damn sure that Pilate washed his hand and seal His fate. It revealed in this secular chronicle that Satan was around St Petersburg when he thought it was time for a change killed his czars and ministers; He went on to say that he watched with glee while Kings and Queens fought for a century for the gods they made; Satan said he shouted out who killed the Kennedys when after all it was you and me, it closes with making clear that Satan knows that he has confused generations with the nature of his game just as every cop is a criminal and all sinners saints as head is tail just call him Lucifer. Cause Satan knows that he will be restrained, he knows his time is short and he is inflicting as much pain as he can until his hour comes.

Then Satan entered into Judas right there in the upper room. It would be naïve to think that he will not enter into individuals in our present world today, especially in those who are ignorant

of his true power or those who dabble in the occult and devil worship. There are now more than 2 million cult organizations today worldwide and it is rapidly growing. The fact that a person, Christian or non Christian refuse to believe that there is such an evil force called a personal devil does not negate the fact that one does exist. With all the advancement of science and its improvement in physiology; Only little understanding has been attained concerning the phenomenon behind the deadly behavior patterns that has been executed by men, women, and even children in life’s criminal enterprise. I put forth a challenge to the scientific community to try and disavow the reality of the evil within man. Call it what it may; be it paranoia. Paranoia describes an individual with a thought process thought to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. These psychologists alludes paranoid thinking as to include persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. Historically, this characterization was used to describe any delusional state. Deranged, possessed individuals have been existing every since the beginning of time. The Gararene demoniac man who was possessed by a legion of demons who was destroying himself in that grave yard in the time of Jesus was not a fiction of anyone’s imagination but would have been viewed as paranoia schizophrenia by today’s scientific community. No doubt had he had a weapon and allowed to live in the community at large before he was healed history might have recorded his end of life differently. Jesus in Mark 7:21 tells that every one of us because of the fall of Adam have inherited 12 major sins, “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornication, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride and foolishness. Satan can ignite at anytime anyone of these impulses and before we know it we are caught up. Jesus at one time said “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.” John 14:30; unfortunately we cannot say the same thing about ourselves. Jesus made it very clear that we do not have the ability to overcome the devil by and through our own power, it is above our pay grade; In John 15:5 Jesus said clearly “I am the vine, ye [are] the branches: He that abides in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. One has to be blinded by the god of this world not to discern the power of Satan that has entered into, men, women, and children throughout the ages and as empowered them into doing some dastardly deeds. If we are just to isolate just one from the twelve; murders comes to mind being one of the most devastating of all sins, one that touches us personally. Assassinations and murder alone we all witness each morning on the News or dailies which follow a long, long line of this spirit of evil entering into individuals to carry out these bastardly acts. A mother killing all her children by drowning or poison, a father kidnapping and killing his children to hurt his unfaithful wife; a child taking a gun and killing both his parents while they slept because he was denied a toy for Christmas; Just look around you, we are living in an age of liars from top to bottom, From leadership be it Politics or the

pulpit from the head of state to the common man in the streets each living a life without integrity, we are living in an age where the lines of marriage between a male and a female is now considered abnormal; A life between fornication and adultery has been totally blurred, we are living in an age where greed and jealousy are considered honest competition; I do hate sounding so draconian and I know I do, however how can I help it when all I have to do is just look. Ever since the fall of man these sins have been always been with us and there is no denying this truth, from the day we came out of our mother’s womb we entered into a dark and cruel world.

Then Satan entered into Arda Mulissi 681 BC before stabbing King Sennacherib of Assyrian while at prayer in his temple, Satan entered into Marcus Junius Brutus, Gaius Cassius Longinus, and others in 44BC when they conspired and murdered Julius Caesar; Satan entered into Clergies darkening their hearts with Pro slavery views which rejected Christianity, as they misrepresented God’s character making the bible pro-slavery, immoral and uninspired. Millions and Millions of souls [my ancestors out of Africa] were dragged into the barbarism of slavery as they were treated no better than cattle for the advancement of profit. He entered into Richard Lawrence in 1835 murdering US president Andrew Jackson , into Charles J. Guiteau in 1881 when he killed US President James Garfield; Satan entered into Stalin and his death toll turns out to be 10-20 million souls. The 1929-1933 Collectivization was just as terrible with 6-11 million dead. After WW II (1941-45), despite continuing heavy repression, the era of mass killings (over 100,000 a year) was finally over. Satan entered into Adolf Hitler who was as callous as Stalin as he massacred in Ukraine approximately 900,000 souls, in Russia another 100,000 souls in Belarus 245,000 and in the Baltic 228,000 souls. Satan entered into Lee Harvey Oswald 1963 when he murdered US President John F Kennedy; followed by his own murder on TV by another possessed Jack Ruby; In 1965 He entered into Norman 3X Butler along with Thomas 15X Johnson and Tamladge Hayer who took the life of Malcolm X In 1968 He entered into Lloyd Jowers aka James Earl Jones who took the life of Martin King Jr In 1980 Satan entered into Mark David Chapman, shooting John Lennon to death, and in John Hinckley, Jr. who in an attempted assassination of President Regan shot him in his brain and clearly he entered Jared Lee Loughner in Jan 2011 who Shot Gabrielle Gifford US Congresswoman, along with several staffers and U.S. District Judge John Roll (killed), at a constituent event in her district. There were a total of at least 6 deaths and 12 injured. Sure there is a multitude of events over the ages that I could now mentioned in this brief list but then this would be probably too long for just one sitting article. The important point is that, this is only one of the twelve sins of the heart that Satan triggers. And even more important than that is, if anyone would have called upon the name of Jesus for forgiveness for all their sins the word said He would have been faithful to save, why? because he die also for the ungodly. Sure it is strange and even difficult for any human being to

comprehend, this kind of a mercy and grace but the truth is, this is what make HIM GOD. And the Lord said, ‘Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired [to have] you, that he may sift [you] as wheat” Luke 22:31 Just as Satan asked God for permission to try Job, so did he ask permission from Jesus to try Peter. “Indeed, Satan has asked for you” Jesus told Peter: Jesus was aware of the spiritual battle behind the scenes for the soul of his disciple. Peter was no doubt in ignorance as did Job of the fact that Satan had asked for him, that he may sift-touch his life- as a person sift wheat - Satan wanted to completely crush and defeat Peter just as he wanted Job to curse God. No doubt, Satan desired to do much more damage against Peter than the Lord would allow; no different as when God told Satan he was only allowed to touch Job’s flesh but not take his life. It is important to note that Satan could not do whatever he wanted against either Job or Peter, for he had to ask. When we look at victims of Satan in this modern age doing major crimes against their fellow man, one cannot easily dismiss the premise that there is an evil force behind these players that has played out a role in the behavior of these individuals. A child of God has only to thank God for blessed assurance through Christ Jesus who intercedes for his own. Jesus told Peter But I have prayed for you: What prevented Satan from having his way with Peter and with us is that those of us who have received Jesus Christ as our personal savior can depend on Jesus and not on ourselves. The thought of Jesus interceding for us, protecting us from Satan, is wonderful news! How many times we would have perished, had Jesus not prayed for us! Yes indeed life is still a mystery, even after the many millenniums of years life has been on earth man has only been able to answer but three of the seventy seven kinder garden questions that YHWH put to us and Job. Instead we have darkened the wisdom of God with our arrogance; we have quenched the voice of God that cries out aloud within us with complaints, with self centeredness, with our rebellion. We still have no more idea of the true measurement of the universe, what is put forth in this century as science and education in high schools and colleges with evolution is nothing but speculations, we still have no answer to why birds travel thousands of miles in the right season from a cold environment to warmer weather in time for bearing their young, we still have no idea why a pregnant salmon swim upstream against the rapid flow of current to spawn their young before they die, no more answer to why an uncaring ostrich mother leaves her eggs in the earth for the dirt to warm them; It was God who put wisdom in the inward parts of his creatures, it is God himself who put understanding in the very heart of his creation. It is like the LORD is telling us if only we will listen, for the beast of the earth is in you and me, and the beast of the waters is the evil one on the outside of ourselves; we must put our trust in him not in our selves, we must look to him to save us for we cannot save ourselves by the very arm that we possess. I close with this that there are no easy answers as to the reason God allows things to continue as they way they are; Jesus tells us when we see these things happening we should use it at a trigger, a reminder that it is time to draw near unto Him, but to dismiss the devil as just being an objective issue is

Surely not an answer to a far reaching question which touches everyone emotions and everyone lives. Paul wrote in Ephesians 6; that first, we are to stay strong in the Lord and in his might, we are to put on the whole armor of God and keep it on, so we will be able to stand and fight this spiritual battle that Satan will always be bringing unto us. We must take on the full armor of God that we may be able to with stand that evil day that is coming, put on the helmet of salvation which will protect our every minds and thoughts, take on the shield of faith that we may be able to quench the fiery darts of Satan. Stand ,I say Stand and rejoice for truth, and take on the righteousness that is a free gift from God for only in this way will be ever be able to be conquerors.

Copyright 2011.nlmm Publishing

My thought on the matter

Posted by Pastor Delroy on May 21, 2011 at 6:33 AM Comments comments (366)

My adopted mother use to say “ a little learning is a dangerous thing ”In this complex world there are three major monotheistic religious traditions. Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The largest, 'Christianity', which began as a single monolith some two thousand years ago, now compromises itself of thousands of different denominations, small large to mega bodies. All have there differences, but some have competing versions and visions of the aged old claim which is shouting: 'we've finally understood the mind of God! These unwarranted claims are often embellished with a topology of historical traditions which is not very easy to penetrate. What is most dangerous is that that in spite of their conviction of claiming a 'direct line' to the Almighty, no one at any time has ever been able to offer any demonstrable modern day prophecy other than that which have been recorded in the Holy scriptures of the divine will of God. A number of false prophets have kept trying over the years to pin point a specific date for the end of the world yet always without success. Every time this happens, these failures only demonstrate just how disconnected these individuals were concerning what their so call direct line really was to God. Now they are all dressed up in the emperors’ new clothes. Each of these claims that has been prophesied over these many years should be obvious to all, that without solid doctrine what we witness is, how convulsing it is for any misguided religious zealous to cause such a great stir. In a world, where peoples have become used to hearing these constant claims of end of times events has only demonstrated that man does not know and will never know the mind of God other than that which had been revealed in the written word. Most people see “Faith” in this world as a process that will offer those results upon which they come to make some kind of a judgment. There is nothing wrong in having faith in God but there is no evidence of Christ ever giving a date or a time of the rapture-which is His coming to get His church. We must not compare faith in God as the same as in human relationships or scientific and commercial claims. These so call prophets have exposed themselves that the Bible is not of anyone’s personal interpretation. That any intellectual intention, which puts forth the understanding that they have or can calculated the Day or hour of the Lord’s decision to come for His Church should demand from us intrinsic accountability for those making such claims. It is similar like the boy crying wolf and each time it affects the integrity of the church to the world. Such proof we now witness this weekend of the profound lack of true knowledge of God, as one Harold Camping, a rich evangelical and radio broadcaster, has made again this point so crystal clear; as he fixed the date for the return of Christ and the 'rapture' of the church for yesterday May 21 2011. Mr. Camping had to know that any attempt to fix a time or date, for any act of God, by any religious or tradition has never proven accurate, and what is strange is why such an intelligent bible scholar or so call prophets would ever attempt knowing these facts of past failed and unfounded claims in today’s world risk the considerable humiliation when the bubble of their credibility bursts so publicly, demonstrating to all the world their own illusions which itself may provide to give a general insight into the ineffectiveness of not only these claims but also what they have done to themselves. He had to recall his earlier attempt to predict Christ's return which already failed in 1994. According to Harold, it failed because of a mathematical error of calculation. He has lowered the Mighty God to the subject of mathematics. Such is empty confidence in their own 'understanding'. Harold like others before him relies on 'tradition' to obscure the facts. When these events happen we will never know whether it take place in our lifetimes or in a generation to come. One thing is for certain it will come, when? We will never know. However The 'Apocalypse' that these false religious prophets are constantly promising will only rain down shame and disgrace on their own heads! As long as I can remember 'Christian' institutional of every denomination has been arguing sometimes in volatile disagreement for the whole of their history. Beginning with the origins and divisions of the Roman church, starting at the counsel of Nice as these great men of God sat to decide the various scriptural materials to be selected and become what we now know as the blessed Holy Bible. However as anointed as the scriptural material may be, there is no recorded document or teaching that reveals the specific 'revelation' of the day or time ever passed on to anyone by Christ or to any of the apostles.  In ancient or in these modern times, religious claims from false prophets have been frequent every few years be it The Jehovah Witnesses in the nineteen century or now Family Radio in the twenty first... Now with the popularity of pedophile priests, acts of radical Islam on terrorism, false prophecies from such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad concerningThe Mahdi--Arabic for "divinely guided one" the redeemer who's supposed to come and straighten things out at the end of time all reveals dangerous sensitivity as we see foundations of most religious claims must always be viewed with caution. By no means is this to be considered as a case against our God in favor other faiths, but we in the church of the living Christ should know better and make no hesitation about openly questioning the efficacy of any religion that puts forth any misguided commentators and expositors’ call for a date and time of Jesus return for His Church..because the only thing we do know is that from the rapture and set of events have been chronicled and dated such as the tribulation period, and the years of the millennium rule. For we know there is a God, who has been desiring to bring us closer to Himself through His Son Jesus and so we must not allow our minds to get lost through the obscurantism of any scholastic theology! In the first place the Christian faith should never have been thought as a religion however because of secular humanism we now see and know Christianity in all of its forms, ancient and modern, has been classified as a theological construct which has been compared with all other religions as a human intellectual attempt in claiming to comprehend the mind of God. Theology therefore only exists because whatever Christ taught in ancient times were expressed by three main witnesses Matthew, John and Peter. Luke thru hard work and research and Mark thru his uncle Peter the apostle however both had been inspired by the divine power of Holy Spirit as we travel through the books of Acts. Let us of course not forget Paul who received direct revelation from Christ himself in the Mount of Arabia. The next question is this: Can theology, the study of God upon which all of Christian/Judeo tradition is considered a valid human intellectual endeavor? Yes it is. The History of Christ Jesus has been the most recorded and securitized of all living human being ever lived on earth more so than Plato or Socrates or any other historical figure on the planet. Christianity is by no means just a height of human intellectual pretensions, arrogance, or spiritual vanity and folly.. No priest, scholar or private individual, who opens up a Bible, can really believe to themselves that they have a total handle in the understanding of all of who God really is. The Bible is not just only a language that utilizes metaphors, allegory and parables but also literal proclamation that must be taken seriously in the life of every believer. God meets us where we are. However, these ancient texts are sometimes unambiguous about many things and one of the mysterious thing is . when shall Christ return for His church?.. Yes there are Hundred of references, both direct an indirect, warnings of false teachers, false witnesses, lying interpreters, anti-Christs and of course the arch deceiver Satan himself, it also hints that there will be in the world individuals, organization and institution teaching falsely in the name of Christ. So true revelation must lead us to understand the difference between what is from God and what is not, so that a right choice can be made among so many completing claims. Even the name 'Christ' is totally misunderstood by the majority of the church today. We are so used to hearing the expression 'Jesus Christ' as if this were a first and second name. When in fact, the word 'Christ' is a title for the 'one who has been revealed through the scriptures. Christ did not come, died bury and resurrected according to the scriptures to be considered as a form of 'theological' based truth or faith, but did come to (a) redeem and atone (b) reveal the face of God (c) to expose the truth of who God really is and since that is the case as according to the fulfillment of the scriptures Christ, has clearly distinguish Himself clearly from all human theology, dogma and doctrines? . Every thing in history has tried for centuries to convince man that God does not cannot exist: Be it science, religion, philosophy, theology, psychology, Hawkins or Dawkins But all opposing forces only reaffirms proof of the living God. As one man puts it “a teaching that by an act of faith is directly confirmed by that absolute reality. A teaching that delivers the first ever religious claim of insight into the human condition that meets the Enlightenment criteria of verifiable, direct cause and effect, evidence based truth embodied in experience. A moral teaching that represented a paradigm change in the nature of faith and in the moral and intellectual potential of human nature itself; untangling the greatest questions of human existence: sustainability, consciousness, meaning, suffering, free will and evil”.But because the word of God is not properly taught today in our churches we witness the misconception of God to a dying world, which causes and even discredit the very idea of God. No wonder we see that reflective, thinking individuals are now leaving the church in droves, atheism and cultism on the rise and religious ideas are coming under increased critical scrutiny from the outside world. Secular humanism and other secular state nations that have been destructive and divisive among humanity was birthed out of failure to teach the true doctrine of the gospel of CHRIST. For all intent and purpose the good news of the gospel which is God’s remedy to the human condition had been reverted in idealism by misguided men and women, and now religious thought is just like secularism which is not providing the values that was intended to satisfies the greatest longings of the human soul. The Gospel never said their would be peace on earth between men by man, it is very clear that peace on earth, or higher justice will only come at the rule and reign when Christ establishes His Kingdom on earth. Man taking away God’s roll for himself only shows that man may have the dream but man does not have the means in fulfilling only what God himself can accomplish according to His time and pleasure. “Unfortunately, the world still preferred the soft, the easy and more convenient paths of intellectual vanity, political correctness and spiritual confectionary than the honesty and courage to confront human nature itself” .Quotes one man. The old adage still applies today 'The world' is what you made it and no need denying it is in a great mess that it is in reversible. In many ways I wouldn't mind seeing the 'end' of it all as we know it! For I believe the scriptures that one day this will indeed come to a sudden halt, I believe that there will be a new heaven and a new earth one day, I believe that God will put aside a time to judge the world; I also believe that God is in no hurry and will perform these things as according to his own good will and pleasure. He promised The Christ the savior of the world and He delivered! He promised that one day we don’t know when His Son will return and take His church. We don’t know when, but what we do know is that if man chose May 21 2011 as the day, then that is not the day in which He has set aside to reveal this wonder. Harold Camping and other like him has become a human fabrication founded upon a vain intellectual imagination, yet I would like to believe also even though his and others like him even though their aspirations may be real and sincere, however God deserve better that if he wanted us to know the true date of His coming for His Church He would have simple told us. A little learning is indeed a very dangerous thing. This should be a warning none the less that we stay alert for what he did say is “BEHOLD I come as a thief in the night”….stay watchful Stay forever ready. Amen A Call to Action